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Create a Separate WiFi Spot for your guests with AdSpots. The main advantage is that this separate network (which appears as a different SSID or network name) is locked out of the rest of your devices. Things like network printers, shared files, and other sensitive network information won’t be available from the guest access point. You’re essentially giving people Internet access and that’s it. Your standard network stays separate for your own use and your guests have Free WiFi. We will Brand a Welcome Page for your WiFi.

Through positive disruption AdSpots is changing the guest WiFi experience.

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When you join the worldwide network of AdSpots users, your Guest WiFi Spot can be available for ads. If you want to participate in our ad network, you just let us know and we will place ads. The ads will be very useful for your guest as they will be for local restaurants, hair salons, museums, shopping centers, etc. These ads will all be based on your approval. We share the ad profits with you.

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Personalize your HotSpot to fit your unique brand or message! Use strategic advertisements and special promotions to increase your user engagement.

Grow the relationship between your brand and audience by providing useful information to your users - catered to their unique needs and specifications.

Free WiFi that also gives you the opportunity to earn revenue, lead marketing campaigns and build a user base.

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